Call Me Doctor

: Well, it took the best part of ten years, but on Thursday 21 July I finally graduated Doctor of Philosophy! : I WAS DELIGHTED to be able to celebrate the occasion with my daughter Gabrielle, son Ben and his partner Danni at the Monash University ceremony. My wife Kirsty was away on an AusTrade mission to … Continue reading

Empowering Children to Realise Their Creativity

:: The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass :: “Children are born with a strong propensity for creativity, but conventional education is specifically structured to remove it by the time they reach puberty. This shapes children to become adults in a looking-glass world in which they consume other people’s ideas rather than working together to … Continue reading

Art and Industry

On Being Industrious CHINA: on 23 April 2016 Alasdair Foster delivered a short speech on behalf of the international delegates attending the grand opening of the Shenyang Festival of Industrial Photography. Below is an extract from that speech setting a wider philosophical frame for considering the many diverse works in the festival. FOR MORE THAN … Continue reading

Re-Imagining Industry

  SHENYANG, CHINA: Curated by Alasdair Foster, ‘Industry re.Imagined’ is an exhibition featuring the work of three artists, each from different continents, exploring notions of industry through the lens of artistic imagination. The chronicles of industry recount constant change: from steam, to electricity, to diesel, to nuclear and on to renewables such as wind, wave … Continue reading

Dyslexia · Diversity · Democracy

:: Shooting the Moon :: Alasdair Foster delivered a lecture at Newcastle University last Wednesday, which built out from his personal experience of being dyslexic to argue for a better understanding of difference within our educational system. He does not consider dyslexia to be a disability but a different ability, one which he has been … Continue reading

Australian Photography Showcased in Dubai

ALASDAIR FOSTER IS THE CURATOR of the Australian exhibit presented in Dubai this March as part of Dubai Photo Exhibition 2016. The Australian work will sit alongside presentations from 23 countries prepared by 18 leading curators from around the world, headed by London-based curator and editor, Zelda Cheatle. This major event is staged under the Patronage of … Continue reading

Australian Photobook of the Year Awards

IT WAS MY HONOUR to chair the judging panel for the self-published category of this year’s Australian Photobook of The Year Awards. The winner was Jordan Madge for his book ‘Red Herring’, which he both photographed and designed. Jordan Madge is a 21-year-old artist with a Bachelor of Photography from Photography Studies College, Melbourne. His book … Continue reading

Victoriana. Pleasure Garden

Not-So-Simple Pleasures On Saturday 29 August, it was my great pleasure to open an exhibition by the talented Melbourne duo Gerard O’Connor and Marc Wasiak. To introduce their work here are some shots of the installation and event, along with the text of my opening speech… :: In 1861 Albert, the Prince Consort, died. Queen … Continue reading

Dream Home, China

:: DREAM HOME This year, CDC will present the work of four artists and one artistic partnership at China’s largest and longest-running photo festival, the Pingyao International Photograph Festival. Each explores the psychological dislocations between the consumerist ‘dream’, domestic convention and the complex, sometimes dissonant, interior life of the individual. Hailing from four continents, they … Continue reading

Why Photographs are Important – GCCAG Speech

:: Gold Coast City Art Gallery Dinner in Honour of Mrs Win Schubert, AO :: Text of a short speech by the writer and curator, Alasdair Foster : : The celebrated curator, historian and critic, John Szarkowski, described the art of photography as having two distinct, but interconnected, modes. On the one hand, a photograph could be … Continue reading

One Million Dollar Gift

~ Major Photography Award Assured a Long Future ~ CDC’s Alasdair Foster spoke at the dinner on 9 May held in honour of Mrs Win Schubert AO, who has given one million dollars to the Gold Coast City Art Gallery to allow them to run the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award in perpetuity. Since … Continue reading


~ Congratulations to Lyndal Irons winner of the 2015 Pool Grant The grant provides $10,000 to an emerging artist to enable them to create a body of photographs to be exhibited twelve months later at the next award ceremony. The award is organised and presented by the Pool Collective, a group of eminent Australian photographers who put their … Continue reading

‘Compulsion’ Tours Spain

~ MAGDALENA BORS EXHIBITION TOURS IN SPAIN ‘The Art of Domestic Compulsion’, an exhibition of work by the Melbourne-based artist Magdalena Bors, curated by Alasdair Foster, will tour Spain for the next ten months. Commissioned by Galleri Image and now forming part of its permanent collection, the exhibition received rave reviews in Denmark before touring … Continue reading

The Black Islands – part two

~ QUALITY AND THE CROWD ~ Back in November 2012, I wrote about a crowd-funding project by the photographer Ben Bohane. Based in Vanuatu, Ben has created an image archive that is now the most comprehensive visual document anywhere of the life and times of the Pacific islands of Melanesia. His fund-raising was successful and … Continue reading

PhotoWorld 2014

~ Latin America–China Extending the Conversation ~ Following the highly successful series of interviews with Australian photomedia artists published in ‘PhotoWorld’  in 2013, the Chinese magazine has commissioned Alasdair Foster to write a further 12 articles based on conversations with photographers in Latin America. 2014 opened with the Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes  whose work features on the … Continue reading

PhotoWorld 2013

~ Australia–China: Conversing in Pictures ~ In 2013 the respected Chinese magazine PhotoWorld commissioned Alasdair Foster to write 13 articles, each of which featured an Australian practitioner. He selected the artists with a special emphasis on the diversity of approach and visual language at play in our country and each article consists of an introduction, … Continue reading

Major Chinese Award

~ inaugural international award for curatorial excellence Alasdair Foster has won the inaugural international award for curatorial excellence at the 2013 Pingyao International Festival of Photography in Shanxi, China. The Jin Hou Niao Zun trophy was presented at a glittering televised event staged on Saturday 21 September in the newly opened Memory Theatre before an invited audience … Continue reading

Wuhan Museum

WOO HOO FOR WUHAN! It has been announced that the five Latin-American exhibitions commissioned by CDC’s Alasdair Foster for the 2013 Pingyao International Photography Festival will tour on to the acclaimed Wuhan Museum, this October. The five exhibitions were selected by the museum authorities from among several hundred shows of work by over 2,000 artists … Continue reading

Presenting four Australian artists in Russia

FABLES OF CHANGE: Four Australian photomedia artists will present their work at the celebrated Russian festival, PhotoVisa. This year the festival’s theme is ‘Climate Change’ and the organisers have encouraged a broad reading of the concept. Curated by Alasdair Foster, the Australian exhibition explores ideas that range across the personal, social, cultural and environmental. The … Continue reading

China: Latin-American Pavilion

~ BRINGING LATIN-AMERICA TO CHINA Alasdair Foster has been named as the Commissioner for the Latin-American Pavilion at the 2013 Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIP) in China. Extending over more than 600 square metres, the Pavilion will feature work from Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela. The five curators selected by Alasdair Foster for the Pavilion … Continue reading

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