Petrina Hicks

~ ~ “Photography’s ability to both create and corrupt the process of seduction and consumption is of endless interest to me.”                                                              Petrina Hicks ~ Despite … Continue reading

Richard Simpkin

  ~ “It’s not about being a ‘fan’ it’s about being an artist” Richard Simpkin ~ QUESTION: What do Don Bradman, Marilyn Manson, Julie Andrews, Kim Kardashian and Nelson Mandela have in common? They have all been photographed with Richard Simpkin. Who? you may ask. Who indeed. For ultimately it is Simpkin and not his starry … Continue reading

Magdalena Bors

~ ~ “These images explore the idea of the sublime in the everyday.” Magdalena Bors Magdalena Bors’ fantastical constructed images suggest a gentle magic brought into being by obsessive desire. In her earlier series, ‘Homelands’, fairy-tale scenes grow from the mundane materials and bric-à-brac of everyday domesticity. Wool winds its way into an Arcadian landscape … Continue reading

James Mellon

“It is important that these images are seen to be made by a human. The pictures are flawed and have the heavy hand of my vulnerability hammered into them. They are as raw and honest as I can be.”   James Mellon James Mellon is an ‘outsider artist’ who does not fit the art-world mould – … Continue reading

Catherine Nelson

Visual poetry, nature photography and digital design come together in Catherine Nelson’s transcendent landscapes. Each natural environment is dramatically reformed into a perfect globe floating serenely in the heavens. Currently based in Belgium, Catherine was recently named one of Australia’s ‘Next Generation Leaders’ in the Australian newspaper’s ‘Wish’ magazine. Her images have been shown widely in Europe, Australia … Continue reading

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