Featured Artist: Virginie Maillard

~ ~ “Images of an evolving past in the context of crisis”   Virginie Maillard   INSTITUTIONS HAVE A DUTY to be stable, noble, enduring. Or at least we might wish them to be. An institution is a both a structure and an ideal. It might be a cathedral or a parliament or a court. It … Continue reading

Roberto Fernández Ibáñez

~ “Photography is working with me, on me, through me. In every sincere artist, art expresses itself through them. For me, photography is a Way…” Roberto Fernández Ibáñez ~ RARIS AVIBUS  are indeed rare birds, caught in the space between the real and the imagined; they survive thanks to the diligence of one man: Roberto Fernández … Continue reading

Dona Schwartz

~ “Everyday living is a feat worth exploring and celebrating” Dona Schwartz ~ THERE ARE TWO MOMENTS in domestic life that clang shut like gates. There can be no return. One is the arrival of the first child, the other the departure of the last. Before there were just the two of you, each the … Continue reading

Darya Pas

~ “The way we see ourselves depends on other people” Darya Pas ~ THE FACE AND THE PERSON: the great conundrum of surface and interior. Conventional wisdom warns us that beauty is only skin deep and, by inference, that a pretty expression might belie an ugly personality or irregularly features conceal a warm heart. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

Erika Diettes

~ “The history of a country     cannot be written in silence                  and its memory     must not be built in the dark” Erika Diettes ~ GRIEF IS A VAST ACHING SECRET. Like an ocean in thrall to the moon, it moves inside the individual … Continue reading

Corinne Vionnet

~ “I have been nourished by images since before I can remember” Corinne Vionnet ~ THE TAJ MAHAL shimmers in the shifting North-Indian sunlight; the Eiffel Tower vibrates in resonance with the City of Light; Saint Basil’s Cathedral flickers like flame rising from Red Square. Corinne Vionnet’s images animate their subjects in a subtle and … Continue reading

Sian Bonnell

> “The camera has always been, and continues to be, my provocateur, driver, accomplice, and conspirator; the resulting photographs acting as portals to somewhere else…” Sian Bonnell ~ THE GREEN JELLY crouches quivering on the windowsill. Should it be allowed back in the house? Is that the kitten-like quake of fear or the altogether more … Continue reading

Cecilia Paredes

~ “The way the world is evolving, with such greed and corruption, sometimes I feel that art is a form of salvation; the only place a human being can find solace” Cecilia Paredes……………………… ~ THE EYE IS CAUGHT BY COLOUR. Pattern engages the mind. Ambiguity fuels the imagination. This is no mere accident; these traits … Continue reading

Tatjana Plitt

~ “These individuals are at the battlefront for marriage equality” Tatjana Plitt ~ A PORTRAIT is a partnership and a performance. It is created between the artist and the sitter to be newly recreated by every viewer. A fly-on-the-wall documentary may capture images of people unawares, but this is not truly portraiture. For a portrait is … Continue reading

Christophe Canato

~ “Our fears and strengths are born in childhood play” Christophe Canato ~ IT IS AN AGE OF BECOMING. A voyage already begun: the maternal haven to stern and the churn of adolescence still to come. It is a time when the brain is plastic; knowledge is sketchy but tacked together with the rich embroidery … Continue reading

Hoda Afshar

~ “These images grew from my personal encounters as a migrant in Australia” Hoda Afshar ~ IN A NATION where 97% of the population are of immigrant stock, what does multiculturalism mean in practice? Does the striving for a ‘national identity’ that notionally binds us into a community distinct from other sovereign states, put pressure … Continue reading

Owen Leong

~                “The face is powerful,         it’s like a portal into the soul.” Owen Leong                               . ~ Looking down the garden to the silky oak, every inch of leaf and … Continue reading

Gerwyn Davies

~ ~ “Bushrangers, dandies, photos with stings,    these are a few of my favourite things.” Gerwyn Davies ~ ~ MASCULINITY. It’s a bit of a worry these days. Not quite kosher. The butt of feminist ire and the censure of community values, it is all too often cited as the root of contemporary evils, … Continue reading

Bronwyn Wright

~       ‘This was our shared space.               Nothing was owned.” Bronwyn Wright ~ IT WAS A PERFORMANCE and it was a time warp: a pas de deux in which the protagonists never met; a melding of eternity that stretched from the era of fossils to the … Continue reading

Shan Turner-Carroll

   “I am a part of a modern-day tribe:                       one that incorporates        the past and the present.” Shan Turner-Carroll ~ SHAN TURNER-CARROLL IS A TIME TRAVELLER; his means, the ‘primal crown’. Traditionally, crowns represent immortality – the triumph of life over … Continue reading

Narelle Autio

~ “I visit the beach for many reasons, for fun and adventure, but also for solace” ~ ~ SUMMER AT THE SEASIDE. The coast holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many Australians. Most of us are immigrants or settler-descendants and the sea is from whence we came. While the vast dry … Continue reading

Glenn Sloggett

“Mum said my birth was a mistake At 2 weeks I caught pneumonia and was given the last rights At 7 Dad fucked his secretary and destroyed our family We survived in silence on welfare Like a sad song on the radio… Life is a series of small tragedies and secret shames … Oh, I … Continue reading

Patricia Casey

~ “Embroidery has become a metaphor for questioning the veracity of photography and an extension of my interest in what lies beneath the surface.” Patricia Casey ~ ~ TO SAY THAT PATRICIA CASEY’S IMAGES ARE COMPLEX is to do more than describe their involved technique. The ideas and emotions that they channel and evoke are … Continue reading

David Stephenson

~ “The glowing night city seems the perfect emblem of so much that is both good and bad in our industrialised culture where beauty, awe and the human aspiration are tinged with the horror of potential environmental catastrophe.” David Stephenson ~ For the past 30 years David Stephenson has engaged with the pictorial relationship between earth, … Continue reading

Sam Harris

~ “I don’t believe that an intellectually written synopsis can make art better. I think you have to feel it; it has to touch you in some way and provoke an emotional reaction.” Sam Harris                                           … Continue reading

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