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Conversing in Pictures ~

In 2013 the respected Chinese magazine PhotoWorld commissioned Alasdair Foster to write 13 articles, each of which featured an Australian practitioner. He selected the artists with a special emphasis on the diversity of approach and visual language at play in our country and each article consists of an introduction, interview and portfolio. In all the features span 148 pages presenting 220 images which are explored in texts amounting to over 25,000 words in all.

With over 50,000 subscribers, PhotoWorld has provided a significant opportunity to showcase Australian talent in China and, more importantly, to further animate the enriching cultural conversation between our two regions.


Polixeni Papapetrou (Victoria)
Tales from Elsewhere

Sam Harris (Western Australia)
Postcards from Home

Garth Knight (NSW)
Making as Thinking

Patricia Casey (NSW)
Listening to the Heart

Glenn Sloggett (Victoria)
View the World as a Blue Collar Worker

Robyn Stacey (NSW)
Bringing the Museum to Life

David Stephenson (Tasmania)
Between Heaven and Earth

Simon Harsent (NSW)
Melting – Portrait of an Iceberg

Murray McKeich (Victoria)
Imagination Machine

Pat Brassington (Tasmania)

William Yang (NSW)
Tells the Story of Marginalized Populations

Marian Drew (Queensland)
Natural Wonders and Human Conjecture

Murray Fredericks (NSW)
Between Somewhere and Nowhere


You can see more (in Chinese) about PhotoWorld here.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade announce this series on their Australia China Council website.

CDC has featured the work of a number of these artists in earlier postings, links below:

Patricia Casey – more here

Sam Harris – more here

Garth Knight – more here

Glenn Sloggett – more here

David Stephenson – more here 

William Yang – more here (scroll down for William Yang’s entry)


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