Dona Schwartz

~ “Everyday living is a feat worth exploring and celebrating” Dona Schwartz ~ THERE ARE TWO MOMENTS in domestic life that clang shut like gates. There can be no return. One is the arrival of the first child, the other the departure of the last. Before there were just the two of you, each the … Continue reading

The Black Islands – part two

~ QUALITY AND THE CROWD ~ Back in November 2012, I wrote about a crowd-funding project by the photographer Ben Bohane. Based in Vanuatu, Ben has created an image archive that is now the most comprehensive visual document anywhere of the life and times of the Pacific islands of Melanesia. His fund-raising was successful and … Continue reading

PhotoWorld 2014

~ Latin America–China Extending the Conversation ~ Following the highly successful series of interviews with Australian photomedia artists published in ‘PhotoWorld’  in 2013, the Chinese magazine has commissioned Alasdair Foster to write a further 12 articles based on conversations with photographers in Latin America. 2014 opened with the Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes  whose work features on the … Continue reading

PhotoWorld 2013

~ Australia–China: Conversing in Pictures ~ In 2013 the respected Chinese magazine PhotoWorld commissioned Alasdair Foster to write 13 articles, each of which featured an Australian practitioner. He selected the artists with a special emphasis on the diversity of approach and visual language at play in our country and each article consists of an introduction, … Continue reading

Q&A: Alternatives – Proboscis (part 2)

THIS IS PART 2 of the Q&A ‘Alternatives’ interview with Alice Angus and Giles Lane of Proboscis. You can read Part 1 here. What is your opinion of the current state of the three main pillars of the contemporary arts system in the ‘developed world’: the museum, the biennale and the commercial gallery? Giles: My connections … Continue reading

Darya Pas

~ “The way we see ourselves depends on other people” Darya Pas ~ THE FACE AND THE PERSON: the great conundrum of surface and interior. Conventional wisdom warns us that beauty is only skin deep and, by inference, that a pretty expression might belie an ugly personality or irregularly features conceal a warm heart. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

Omnibus: Alternatives Season

IN THIS SERIES OF INTERVIEWS, Alasdair Foster talks with cultural practitioners who take an alternative approach to creativity – their own or that of others. These individuals hail from various cultures and continents; they have diverse aspirations and idiosyncratic means for achieving them. There is no consistency, no single path. Nor should there be. Some … Continue reading

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