Australian artist ‘Wows’ Danish Art Critic

Galleri Image 01

“Wow, a word I never use. But when it comes to Magdalena Bors’

exhibition at Galleri Image, it seems just right.”

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…SO BEGINS Henrik Broch-Lips’ review of ‘The Art of Domestic Compulsion’, an exhibition curated by Alasdair Foster for Galleri Image in Aarhus, Denmark.

Praising the artist’s “exceptional talent” he wrote “rarely have you seen such intense photos of imaginary scenes” and concluded “Magdalena Bors’ works are nothing less than magical, sublime and impressive. Respect.”

Presented in a partnership between CDC and Galleri Image, continental Europe’s longest-running public photo gallery, Magdalena Bors’ exhibition was installed in one of Aarhus’ beautifully restored historic mercantile buildings. The warm and intimate architecture of the rooms made a fitting context for the domestic fairy tales unfolding in the artist’s work.

Bors Catalogue cover (400)(Please click on the review above to read the English translation)


A beautiful catalogue reproducing every image from the exhibition, with comments on each by the artist and contextualising essays by Alasdair Foster, was published by Galleri Image and is available to purchase here.


Below: ARoS Museum [photo: Cristian Rodenas – creative commons]

ARoS Museum (300)b~


WHILE IN AARHUS, Magdalena Bors ran a workshop for children at ARoS, Denmark’s largest contemporary art museum, now housed within a magnificent new building in the heart of the city. Echoing the theme of domestic magic at the heart of the artist’s work, children were invited to be active creators, collectively building an art installation with the artist. A child’s bedroom setting was built in the museum and the young workshop participants created flowers that sprang from the bedroom carpet and birds that flew over the bed. The enchanted scene then displayed a museum exhibit over the coming weeks.

ARoS Workshop strip (640)


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Magdalena Bors is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. You can read more about her work here.

CDC would like to thank Beate Cegielska, Director of Galleri Image, and her team for their unfailing support in the planning and staging of this exhibition.

The exhibition ran from 24 May to 30 June 2013 and was generously supported by Aarhus Kommune (Aarhus Municipality) and Statens Kunstraad (the Danish Arts Council).

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