Hoda Afshar

~ “These images grew from my personal encounters as a migrant in Australia” Hoda Afshar ~ IN A NATION where 97% of the population are of immigrant stock, what does multiculturalism mean in practice? Does the striving for a ‘national identity’ that notionally binds us into a community distinct from other sovereign states, put pressure … Continue reading

Q&A: Alternatives – Sohrab Hura (part 2)

THIS IS PART 2 of the Q&A ‘Alternatives’ interview with Sohrab Hura. You can read Part 1 here.   Working in your present way – letting go and not controlling your practice in terms of professional status building – how do you make a living? I have been lucky. When I have no money something or … Continue reading

Q&A: Alternatives – Sohrab Hura (part 1)

~ INTRODUCTION Growing up, Sohrab Hura had many ambitions which changed from one exciting thing to another. He started with dreams of becoming a dog, which later evolved to being a superhero and from there to a veterinarian… to a herpetologist studying reptiles and amphibians… a wild-life filmmaker. Finally, he trained as an economist at … Continue reading

Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark

~ Taking Fairytales to the Land of Hans Christian Andersen ~ CDC WILL PRESENT an exhibition of work by the Melbourne artist Magdalena Bors in the longest-running public photo gallery in continental Europe. Curated by Alasdair Foster, the exhibition will include work from two recent series. The first, ‘Homelands’, engages our wish for something magical … Continue reading

Q&A: Alternatives – Scott Redford (part 2)

THIS IS PART 2 of the Q&A ‘Alternatives’ interview with Scott Redford. You can read Part 1 here. ~ What is your opinion of the current state of the three main pillars of the contemporary arts system:  the museum, the art biennale, the commercial gallery? In many ways, all are redundant to new thinking on art … Continue reading

Q&A: Alternatives – Scott Redford (part 1)

~ INTRODUCTION SCOTT REDFORD is an Australian practitioner hailing from the seaside resort of Surfer’s Paradise on Queensland’s southern coast. His practice spans a heterogeneous range of media from painting, sculpture and installation to photography, signage and surfboard graphics. While his engagement with art ideas is firmly international, his inspiration is local; the Australian Gold Coast … Continue reading

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