A Message from Issa Touma

This message from Issa Touma was first published on the Open Show website: Aleppo 28 September 2012 I like to inform  all our friends the following: we still working in Aleppo in Aleppo international photo festival and Art Camping , we know well many from Population of the city leave out and almost  most of … Continue reading

Patricia Casey

~ “Embroidery has become a metaphor for questioning the veracity of photography and an extension of my interest in what lies beneath the surface.” Patricia Casey ~ ~ TO SAY THAT PATRICIA CASEY’S IMAGES ARE COMPLEX is to do more than describe their involved technique. The ideas and emotions that they channel and evoke are … Continue reading

11th Aleppo International Photo Festival

For update, see foot of page… ~ Syria: a Culture of Peace in Time of War “Art and culture do not need a visa to bring nations to meet each other.” Issa Touma ANY ARTIST, GALLERIST OR FESTIVAL ORGANISER in the West who feels life is tough; spare a thought for Issa Touma, the founder … Continue reading

China: Pingyao International Photography Festival (part 1)

~ Taking Mexico to China CDC is presenting an exhibition of work by three of Mexico’s leading contemporary photo-artists at the Pingyao International Festival of Photography (PIP), China’s largest and longest-running photography event. Staged in the ancient city of Pingyao (a world heritage site) the festival brings together imagery from across China and around the … Continue reading

Kaunas Photo Festival 2012 (4)

~ Dreams and Resurrection Peter Wiklund and Mariano Icaza: two photographers who use their own bodies in their work without making self-portraits; both presenting work at the Kaunas Photo Festival portfolio reviews. The Swedish artist Peter Wiklund uses pin-hole and other low-tech cameras to create darkly mysterious imagery suggesting the world of dreams. The works … Continue reading

Kaunas Photo Festival 2012 (3)

~ The Sublime and the Belgian  ~ Day three of Kaunas Photo Festival brought the portfolio reviews. Here are examples from two interesting bodies of work presented at today’s session. Esteban Pastorino Diaz, has explored the architectural legacy of Francisco Salamone who designed public buildings in Argentina during the so-called ‘Infamous Decade’ that followed the … Continue reading

Kaunas Photo Festival 2012 (2)

~ Envisioning the Hidden  ~ I had the honour of co-hosting a symposium on photography today at the Kaunas Photo Festival. The event involved a series of public conversations between my co-host, Tomas Pabedinskias, or me and a number of the artists exhibiting at the festival. While all the discussions were interesting, two stood out … Continue reading

Kaunas Photo Festival 2012 (1)

~ Blown Away with Eagerness ~ Two interesting projects which cross over between a photo festival and the internet were featured in my first day at Kaunas Photo Festival in Lithuania. Firstly there is the world premiere of an exhibition (in the traditional pictures-on-the-wall sense) of work that has seen a meteoric rise in popularity … Continue reading

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