Sam Harris

~ “I don’t believe that an intellectually written synopsis can make art better. I think you have to feel it; it has to touch you in some way and provoke an emotional reaction.” Sam Harris                                           … Continue reading

CDC in the Pacific

~ Building a Creative Economy in the Pacific On 7 July, CDC’s Alasdair Foster will take part in a televised forum at the National Museum in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Staged by the Pacific Institute on Public Policy the panel is timed to coincide with the four-yearly Festival of Pacific Arts, which draws more than 3000 … Continue reading

How to Become a Kaunas Photo Star

~ CREATIVES NOT CASH COWS The paid portfolio review has become stock-in-trade for photographic festivals worldwide. It is a practical and economically sustainable way in which to bring photographers together with curators, publishers, dealers and collectors. But in some cases this seems to have evolved into a kind of production line in which photographers are … Continue reading

Flash Forward Festival 2012

~ Magenta Flash Hits Boston! Flash Forward Festival 2012 is currently running in Boston (to 10 June). The five-day event is a platform and networking opportunity for emerging photographers that grew out of the annual competition of the same name. Organised by the independent Toronto-based publisher and producer, Magenta Foundation, Flash builds on the format of … Continue reading

Omnibus: Censorship Season

~ ONE PERSON’S LIBERTY is another person’s tyranny ~ In May 2012 CDC took at a look at the challenging issues of censorship. The season included two extended interviews and an article by Alasdair Foster, along with a Q&A of the views of 14 artists and commentators from Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. This page … Continue reading

Petrina Hicks

~ ~ “Photography’s ability to both create and corrupt the process of seduction and consumption is of endless interest to me.”                                                              Petrina Hicks ~ Despite … Continue reading

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