Richard Simpkin

  ~ “It’s not about being a ‘fan’ it’s about being an artist” Richard Simpkin ~ QUESTION: What do Don Bradman, Marilyn Manson, Julie Andrews, Kim Kardashian and Nelson Mandela have in common? They have all been photographed with Richard Simpkin. Who? you may ask. Who indeed. For ultimately it is Simpkin and not his starry … Continue reading

On Censorship and Liberty

~      Capture magazine is tackling the perennial and thorny issue of censorship in its May issue. As part of her gathering of views, the journalist Armani Nimerawi interviewed Alasdair Foster by email. It is a complex subject and even his relatively brief coverage was too lengthy to include in full in the article. … Continue reading

The Mirror of Three Kingdoms

~ ~ A version of The Mirror of Three Kingdoms was published (in Chinese translation) in《摄影之友》~ (‘The Photographer’s Companion’, China); May 2012. A PDF of the Chinese language version can be found here… ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ These were, in one way, modest collections of family snaps and formal identity portraits collected into simple wooden frames. But, as … Continue reading

Student Eyes on Thessaloniki

17th Annual Student Photography Exhibition While Europe continues to churn in the rapids of stony broke, it is important to maintain initiatives that link individuals internationally; especially young people, who represent the future. CDC is proud to support the 17th Annual Student Photography Exhibition in Greece, which opens on 4 May in the Exhibition Hall … Continue reading

University of Newcastle

~ Graduation Ceremony 2012 ~ On Saturday 14 April, Alasdair Foster delivered the Occasional Lecture at the graduation ceremony for students from the Faculty of Education and the Arts at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales. Speaking to an audience of over 1,000 in the Great Hall, he emphasised the importance of building … Continue reading

Photo Festivals of Australia and New Zealand

~ It is photo-festival time in Australia (and soon in NZ)! FotoFreo is already well underway in Western Australia and Queensland Festival of Photography opens this month. Meanwhile, in Sydney we are gearing up for Head On Festival in May. So, taking all this photo-festivity as a cue, here’s a quick rundown on the principal … Continue reading

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